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The research carried out in Dr. Ward's Image & Signal Processing Group (ISPL) can be listed under three headings : 1D Signal Processing (brain signals and audio), 2D signal processing (images) and 3D signal processing (videos) .

The research in 1D signal processing mostly includes analysis, filtering, and enhancement of biosignals (EEG, EOG and EMG) with application to Brain Computer Interface (BCI) design and disease diagnosis.

The research in image and video processing involves filtering, enhancement, compression, coding, restoration, watermarking and multimedia hashing
analysis. Applications include processing of television images (cable television and high definition television), face recognition, biometrics, analysis of medical images (mammography, cytometry, microscopy, computer tomography, X-ray), multimedia indexing, copyright detection and real-time video.

Graduate students (and sometimes research engineers or post doctoral fellows) participate in the research projects conducted in this group. Some projects are carried out in collaboration with other UBC research groups and/or with personnel from industrial and government laboratories.




Angshul Majumdar has successfully completed his PhD candidacy exam in Sep. 2010.


Souhaib Majzoub, Qiang Tang, Rayan Saab and Mahsa Pourazad have successfully defended their respective PhD thesis in 2010. Congratulations!






  Ehsan N. will present his work in ICASSP 2011.


  2011 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems will be held in Lebanon,  in Oct.

  2011 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) will be held in Brussels, Belgium.




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