Videos to Raise Awareness about Engineering

Dr. Ward noticed a lack of understanding and appreciation by the general public of engineering . So she set to produce videos to raise the awareness about “signal processing’ ,her field of expertise in engineering . She co-directed and/or co-produced many videos which had thousands of hits on YouTube and have been used extensively by professors to attract students to the field . Amongst these are the following 6 videos she has conceived and produced or directed

IEEE Accomplisemnets and Avtivities

IEEE Committees/Boards:

  • Chair, TAB Ad-Hoc Committee on Africa and Education (2016-2017)
  • Member At-Large, TAB Strategic Planning Committee (2017)
  • TAB Management Committee (2018)
  • IEEE WIE Voting Committee (2018)
  • Senior Member Selection Committee(1992, 1996, 2000)


  • President, IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) (2016-2017)
  • President-Elect ,SPS (2014-2015)
  • V.P. Conferences, SPS (2003-2005)
  • Member of SPS Board of Governors (2003-2005, 2008-2010, 2014-2017)
  • Member of SPS Executive Board (2003-2005), (2014-2016)
  • Fellow Reference Committee, SPS (2008-2010)
  • Conference Board,SPS (2006-2007)
  • Editorial Board of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (2006-2009)

Region 7

  • Awards Committee (2013-2014, 2017)
  • V.P. Western Canada (1990-1995), Canadian Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers (folded into IEEE)
  • Co-founder, Vancouver SPS Chapter (2004)
  • Chair, IEEE Vancouver Student Chapter (1985-1987)

Service to Other Professional Assocations

Women Organizations

  • University Women Graduate Association, 1980.
  • Co-Founder Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology 1979 to present.
  • Academic Women's Association, UBC, Executive Board , 1982 to 198

Advisory Boards

  • Member of a 12 scientists committee to advise Her Highness Sheika Mozah (Qatar Foundation head) on how to establish and promote scientific research in Qatar (2006-2008).
  • International Scientific Advisory Board of the BC Advanced Systems Institute 1996 to 2004
  • The Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences,1988 to 2009
  • Canadian Academy for the Advancement of Science,1997 to 2007
  • National Research Council ( NRC) of Canada on Information Technology, 1999 to 2001

Royal Society of Canada

  • Awards committee on Women Students, 2003 to 2007
  • Committee to select fellows of the Society (engineering category), 2012 to 2015

National Science Foundation (USA):

  • NSF IGERT program Adjudication Committee 2001
  • NSF committee to review the Integrated Media Systems Center, University of Southern California, 2002


  • Canadian Society for Electrical and Computer Engineering VP for Western Canada , 1990 to 1995
  • BCIT : External review committee; new Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, 2006 to 2007
  • NSERC Grant Selection Committee, Communications, Computers and Components Engineering, 1997 to 2000
  • Committee to review the ECE department of University of Victoria, 1998
  • Academy of Science In the Developing World (Rome, Italy), to select the Trieste Science Prize winner, 2008 to 2009
  • UBC Committee to plan the Kuwait Institute for Business and Technology 2001 to 2004
  • Member of a UBC three-people delegation (VP Research & International, Dean of Applied Science and I) that visited Saudi Arabia in April/May, 2010 to discuss research collaboration between Saudi Universities and UBC.
  • UBC VPRI rep to the Middle East, 2010 to 2014

Conference Participation (Organizer, Keynote Speaker, etc.)

Conference or EventRole(s)LocationDate(s)
IEEE MMSP 2018Advisory Committee ChairVancouver, CanadaAugust 29-31, 2018
IEEE WIE TechW WorkshopConference Committee memberVancouver, CanadaSept 21, 2018
iEEE Canadian Confernce on Electrical and Computer EngineerinGeneral Co-ChairVancouver, CanadaMay 15-18, 2016
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Signal and Speech Processing ( This is the flagship conference of the IEEE SPS over 2500 attendees)General Co-ChairVancouver, Canada2013-05-01
Brain Computer Interface Workshop and Hands-On SeminarGeneral Co-chairVancouver, Canada2012-09-12
IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal ProcessingGeneral ChairBanff, Canada2012-09-01
IEEE International Conference on Image ProcessingAdvisorCairo, Egypt2012-11-01
Middle East Conference on Biomedical EngineeringAdvisory Committee MemberSharjah, UAE2011-02-01
BIRS workshop on Multimedia, Mathematics, and Machine Learning “By Invitation Only”General ChairBanff, Canada2009-07-01
2nd International Conference on Advances in Computer Vision and Information Technology (ACVIT-09)Advisory Committee MemberAurangabad, India2009-12-01
International Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image ProcessingInternational Technical Program Committee MemberIndia2008
BIRS workshop on Mentoring for Engineering Academia “By Invitation Only”General Co-chairBanff, Canada2007-07-01
IEEE SIPSProgram Committee MemberBanff, Canada2006-10-01
2nd International Computer Engineering Conference (ICENCO 2006)Technical Committee MemberCairo, Egypt2006-12-01
IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT)General ChairVancouver, Canada2006-08-01
International Conference on Image Analysis and RecognitionTechnical Committee MemberToronto, Canada2005-08-01
“By Invitation Only” BIRS workshop on Multimedia and MathematicsGeneral ChairBanff, Canada2005-07-01
International Conference on Image Analysis and RecognitionAdvisory Committee MemberPorto, Portugal2004-09-01
IEEE ISCAS (over 1300 attendees)Vice ChairVancouver, Canada2004-05-01
IEEE Women ForumMain SpeakerVancouver, Canada12 Mar, 2004
UBC Applied Sciences Workshop for high school studets to promote engineering as a careerMain SpeakerVancuverMay 1991, May 1994, May 1998, May2001
International Digital Signal Processing ConferenceTechnical Committee Member2002
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ( 0ver 1000 attendees)General ChairVancouver, Canada09 Sep, 2000 – 13 Sep, 2000
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia Information ProcessingAdvisory Committee Member2000
IEEE CCECE ConferenceTechnical Committee Member1999
IEEE South West Symposium on Image Analysis & InterpretationTechnical Committee MemberMay 1995 – Mar 1996
UBC Applied Sciences seminar on engineering for high school teachers to promote engineering as a career to their studentsSpeakerVancouver, Canada1993-10-01
Best student papers awards,VCIP conference of the International Society for Optical EngineeringChair1997 - 1998


  • Assoc. Editor, Jour. of Electronic Imaging (SPIE), 2001‑2006.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Jan 2006-2009


  • MDA , Vancouver , 2013-2014
  • AdvancedIO Systems Inc., 2007-2009
  • WebTech Wireless,telematics, 1999-2005
  • R.F.I.D., Passport photograph compression, November 1996‑1999.
  • Hewlett-Packard (Santa Rosa, Calif.), Non-intrusive measurements of cable TV parameters.
  • Vision Systems Inc. Building a computer vision system for grading lumber, 1989.
  • The Whitsun Foundation of Rhodesia, building a computer model for Agrarian Reform, 1978.
  • Arab Projects and Development on their project with the Iraqi Ministry of Planning "Five Year Plan for transportation development", June‑August 1974.
  • Computer Modelling of Operations Decisions for the Okanagan Lakes System, January‑June 1973.

Service to the non technical community

  • Member of the RCMP Advisory Committee on deterring violence, 2005 – 2009.
  • Speaker at the RCMP Conference on Community and Security, January 2002.
  • Speaker at the BC Labour Federation, November 2001.
  • Speaker at the Vancouver Peace rally, November 2001.
  • Speaker at the rally for Canada’s unity on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, October 1995.
  • Organized a community dinner for the Committee for Racial Justice, attended by approximately 90 people belonging to over a dozen different governmental, religious and ethnic groups. During the dinner I gave a 30-minute (televised) speech about “stereotyping of some ethnic religious groups,” March 1995.
  • Member of the Vancouver Jewish–Arab group to promote mutual understanding, 2003-2004.
  • As a graduate student in Berkeley, I participated in establishing a group of Arab and Israeli students to dialogue on “bridges to peace” in the Middle East. In 1992, I actively encouraged the establishment of the Palestinian-Jewish Women for Peace in Vancouver.
  • Gave a talk about “Islam and Women,” one hour of which was televised and broadcasted on Vancouver Community Channel. The talk was attended by approximately 150 people at the Unitarian Church, March 1991.
  • Gave a 20-minute speech at International Women’s Day on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1991.
  • Gave a public speech outside the Student Union Building at UBC after the Montreal Massacre of women engineers, 1989.
  • Gave seminars in various studios, and taught Middle East Dancing from 1982‑1989. Contributed articles to “Sahda,” BC’s Middle East dance association newsletter, and to “Arabesque,” an international magazine for Middle East dancing, published in New York. I also organized a 2-day workshop in Vancouver given by Ibrahim Farah of New York. Mr. Farah is internationally renowned as a master of Middle East dance. It was attended by 69 local dancers, and the evening dinners and shows were 100% booked, June 1988.

Service to the university

Memberships in committees, including offices held and dates

Organizational UnitCommittee NameStartEnd
EECE Dept.Curriculum Planning Committee1986
EECE Dept.Optical Scanning Equipment Advisory CommitteeNov / 1986Jul / 1987
EECECurriculum Planning Committee19921996
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select Head for the Civil Engineering Department1992UBC
UBCPresident's Advisory Committee to select Head for the Mechanical Engineering Department1993UBC
UBCPresident's Advisory Committee to select Head for the CS Department.1995UBC
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science19961997
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select Head for the Advanced Technical Management program19961997
UBCKillam Fellowship Awards Selection Committee19961997
UBCAdvisory Board of UBC Continuing Education Certificate in Software Engineering1996Present
EECEECE department committee to decide on salary and merit increases for the ECE faculty members19942000
UBCFaculty Awards Committee19961997
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select Head for the EECE1997
UBCWide Strategic Initiative-Focus Group1997UBC
UBCCampus Connectivity Project Steering Committee for BC Tel Partnership (of the Advisory Committee on Information Technology)1997
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select dean for the Faculty of Applied Science19971998
EECE Dept.Resource Committee1998
UBCAlternate Route to Computing Committee1998
UBCNew MIC Committee19981999
UBCCICSR-CFI Committee19982000
UBCDean of Applied Science and Dean of Medicine Committee for Biomedical Engineering1999
UBCCommittee Chair to Appoint Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Field2000
UBCVice President Academic Committee to further collaboration between the CS and EECE20012002
UBCPresident Committee to design and establish the Kuwait Institute of Business & Technology20012004
UBCPresident’s Advisory Committee to select Head for the EECE Dept.20022003
UBCPresident’s Committee for the Reappointment of the Dean of Applied Science2003
UBCVice President Research Committee to review UBC Industry Liaison Office2005
EECE DeptChairman or member of committees for individual faculty members promotion or tenure (around 2 professors yearly)20032015
UBC.President’s Advisory Committee to select the Dean for the Faculty of Applied Science2008-02-012008-06-01
UBCCFI-LEF Adjudication Committee20082015
UBCCFI-NOF Adjudication Committee20082015
UBCMartha Piper Fund Scholarship Adjudication Committee2008-04-012015
UBCCoordinator of the NSERC CREATE Program2008-04-012015
UBCResposible fo all NSERC programs .eg. Discovery, Accelerate, CREATE, RTI, Strategic, CRD etc.2008-04-012015
UBCResponsible for the NSERC General Research Fund2008-04-012014
UBCUBC committee to select NSERC DAS candidates,chair2008-07-012014
UBCAPSC CFI-LOF Advisory Committee on Applications Chair2008-08-012015
UBCCFI-LOF Adjudication Committee2009
UBCPeter Wall Institute Adjudication and Advisory Committee2009-07-012015
UBCSteacie Selection Committee2010-05-012010-05-01
EECE Dept.FOGS Adjudicating Committee ( to rank all UBC student scholarship applicants in the NSERC areas )2010-10-012010-11-01
UBCUBC Selection Committee of NSERC Steacie candidates, chair2012-04-012012-04-01
UBCChair of the Banting PDF Selection Committee2012-08-012012-09-01
ECEMember of the Promotion Committee of Dr. Dunford20112013
ECEMember of the Promotion Committee of Dr. Mirabasi20122013
ECEMember of the Committee to rank ECE faculty for April 2012 consideration for Merit and PSA salary awards2012
ECE3 Minutes Thesis adjudication Committee2013-02-01
ICICS/ECE/IEEEWorkshop on Future Communications and Muutomedia System2013-03-01
UBCResponsible for the Banting Postdoctoral fellowships2011-07-012015

Other service to University, including dates

Organizational UnitTitle/Nature of DutiesStartEnd
UBCCoordinator for the 4th year Engineering Technical Report course19821985
EECEOrganizer of the department weekly seminar19841987
IEEE UBC ChapterStudent Counselor19851987
EECECourses Time Tabling for EECE Dept.19861987
EECEUndergraduate Student Advisor (3rd year)19881996
UBCResponsible for the Imaging Lab development1989Present
MITACSReviewer of accelerate PDF program2011present

I served as internal Examiner at UBC: I have served on at least 400 (Masters, PhD qualifying, PhD dept. and PhD final) exams of students supervised by other faculty members in my department. The names are too many to include here. In the past 12 months I served on 8 such exams. I have also chaired many Univesrity Ph.D exams.

Committee member or University examiner for over 25 UBC graduate students outside Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The students were in Civil Eng., Mechnical Eng., Bioresource Eng., Computer Science, Mathematics, Commerce and Zoology.